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Dear Planners, Property Managers, Recreation Employees, etc. -

If you are the person directly or even indirectly involved or responsible for the visual appearance of your town, city or business, we have valuable information that you should know. If your town has had a sad looking lighted holiday display in the past, this message should resonate and give you an opportunity to plan early. Folks, the holiday season is only 90 days away at this writing. Who knows how close it is now. Anyway, all that is certain, days counting down to the holiday season are going fast and will be here before you know it.

This year, why don't you make your first stop your last stop!

Team Santa Inc. has over 50 years’ experience selling holiday string lights, lighted Christmas decorations, artificial Christmas trees and literally thousands of lighted displays. Do your business with a knowledgeable company who can provide you with the best customer service anywhere. Always only seconds away 7 days a week. Send email, text message or telephone support is always available too. If you have a question or would like to place an order there is always a Team Santa Inc. representative waiting to help you.

Christmastopia.com  is Team Santa Inc.'s flagship website and boasts approximately 11,000 holiday string lights, trees and holiday decorations available for sale. The collection of outdoor lighted decorations is extensive and may require multiple visits/sessions to see everything. Please come by and see the selection of Christmas lights, lighted decorations, pre-lighted artificial Christmas trees, unbreakable Christmas ornaments and everything else. The products are all categorized efficiently to make finding what you are looking for easy. Customer service is always available to help you. Send email to support@teamsanta.com or call toll free 888-770-7372.

Placing an order is quick and easy too. You can expect to receive the delivery in approximately 10 days after you place your order. So now is the time for you to plan for this year's lighted holiday display. Team Santa Inc. provides a clean proforma invoice that can be paid securely for your convenience. Team Santa Inc. accepts all major credit/debit cards, checks, Paypal, ACH wire transfer‎.

Why not visit all of Team Santa Inc.’s online stores?

Amazing selection of holiday string lights, trees and decorations.

Online store dedicated specifically to string lights.

Dedicated specifically to lighted decorations for the holidays.

This year do what everyone else is doing and call Team Santa Inc. toll free at 888-770-7372 and place your order. Speak to a knowledgeable Team Santa Inc. representative. You can also always send email to support@teamsanta.com. Enjoy a holiday display this season that your city, town or business will be proud of.


September Savings Event‚Äč
Welcome decorating enthusiasts to the  Team Santa Inc.  September Savings Event

Tip: Try to order a minimum of $75 so that you receive
FREE ground shipping inside the continental U.S.A.

SEND EMAIL TO: support@teamsanta.com

Fax your order 24/7
(800) 869-4982

SEND A TEXT MESSAGE: 888.770.7372

We are proud to ship orders worldwide to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

We are proud to ship orders worldwide to the brave
men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

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