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In order to successfully list your products on our website you will need to create a means of delivering your data to us in a standard datafeed formatted file.  The information below is a guide to preparing your feed.  Please adhere to these specifications in order to have your products listed correctly and optimize sales that benefits us both.

Feed Format:
The Christmas Depot accepts datafeed files in the following format: Tab-delimited text (.txt).  Each row represents a product, and individual product information is listed by column. Each tab represents a new column of product information. (ex: UPC [TAB] SKU [TAB], etc) and each datafeed file line is the complete block of data about a single product.

The first line of the tab-delimited feed file must be a header row, containing all the Field Titles (UPC, Product URL, Manufacturer, etc.), seperated by tab (t) characters, ending with a newline (n).  Just like the individual product lines.  Just as they would look like in any common spreadsheet file.

Building this file in excel or any other spread sheet development program, and then exporting (saving) it into Tab-Delimited format (.txt) makes it easy for all of us to read and utilize your data directly to sell your products.

The following are considered errors and will result in unlisted products:  Carriage returns, line breaks, HTML or tabs (when they are not used as a column delimiter for your feed.  Please remove any and all commas, currency codes or special symbols as well.
Column Content:
  • CATEGORY:  Product Category must represent where in your product line this product would be sold.  This field enhances the Name and Description fields as well as organizes the data for us both.
  • SUBCATEGORY:  A second-level Product Category, is optional, and will help represent where in your Category this product would be identified.  This field also helps us determine better where it would into out product offerings.
  • NAME:  The name of the product, not the description, sizing or usage.  It must be 80 characters or less and contain no commas, quotation marks, periods, or any special symbols.  Every Product Name must be unique, as we use it to enhance our Search Engine Optimization.  Type or style and color of the product is also good to squeeze in here as best you can.  Try not to put in too many dashes as they take up a lot of valuable space.
  • SKU:  Stock Keeping Unit.  Alpha-Numeric, all upper case without spaces or any other characters.  This is the identifier everyone will use to order and ship the product.
  • SIZE:  Sizing information that would be used outside but enhances the product name and description. Limited to 50 characters.  An example would be "8 x 11 inches" or "36in high x 2ft wide" such that it eliminates single or double quotation marks.  No commas or quotation marks, either single or double, please.
  • COST:  Cost to us in USD ($), without currency symbols or commas.
  • UPC:  If known, the Manufacturers UPC code should be included.
  • MFG:  If known, the Manufacturers name should be included.
  • WEIGHT:  The weight of a single selling unit, in pounds.  ie: 5.372
  • SHIPPING:  If the product has a special shipping surcharge, please indicate the amount in USD dollars, without a dollar sign or commas.  If not, you may leave it blank, or enter a zero.
  • QTY:  Quantity on hand.  This is a continually updated quantity you have available for us to sell.  We will update our site on a nightly basis, after we retreive your datafeed updates, if any, so we are both in sync.
  • UOM:  Unit of Measure for each SKU, or selling unit.  If the SKU signifies a 6-pack, then the Unit of Measure would still be "EA" (each).  If you leave this column empty, we will assume "EA".
  • FEATURES:  A list of features that would not normally be mentioned in either the NAME, The DEESCRIPTION, or the SIZE fields.  Separate each feature with a semicolon (;) so we can put them in a list format on the product page to make the product featires stand out and easier to digest for the buyer.
  • IMAGE:  The representative image on your server (complete URL) that is at least 250 x 250 pixels minimum.  Larger images are acceptable, and should be .jpg files or .gif if necessary.  The width should be the same as the height.  This is so we may download your images directly.  We will make our own copy, enhance the image, and resize it for thumbnails.
  • DESCRIPTION:  The product description that explains how the product appears, how it is to be used, without any sales promotion information.  No more than 400 characters please.  No HTML code or special characeters.

All of the above fields are required in your datafeed to us.  This is not unlike datafeed requirements for Google Shopping, Amazon, and other drop shipper information.

We would prefer if you could give us a link (URL) to this datafeed file, so we could retrieve it on a nightly basis.  This also allows you to add products, change quantities, etc.  Otherwise it is labor intensive for us to email and attach files, back and forth. 

If a product becomes unavailable, please use a quantity of zero instead of deleting it.  We will either not list that item, or we will mark it as sold-out.  This way you are in charge of the master file that we will both use to present your products for sale.

We hope you will help us all eliminate errors and mistakes by providing clean and accurate information so there is minimal confusion and potential errors that cause us more labor and cost.

We appreciate your compliance.  If you are having any problems with any of this, please have your programmer contact our Partner Support Team to assist you.  Please check this page often, and the revision date below to see if any changes are required. 

Revised: 06/23/2011
Tip: Try to order a minimum of $75 so that you receive
FREE ground shipping inside the continental U.S.A.


Fax your order 24/7
(800) 869-4982

SEND A TEXT MESSAGE: 201.245.4766

We are proud to ship orders worldwide to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

We are proud to ship orders worldwide to the brave
men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families.


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