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The Christmas Light Guide - Page 6
Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Lights
17. What does the UL symbol on my box of lights represent?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an independent organization that tests products, such as Christmas lights, for safety. If the product passes UL inspection, it can bear the logo and is covered by insurance companies. Submitting products for UL testing is done voluntarily by the manufacturer and its absence should not necessarily be seen a reflection on the safety of the product.

18. What kind of replacement bulbs do I need?

Most tree toppers, angels, novelty lights, and sets of 10 mini lights require 12 volt replacement bulbs to light up properly. Sets of 20 require 6 volt bulbs. Most net lights, icicle lights, and sets of 35 and up used to require 3.5 volt bulbs, but can now operate with 2.5 volts. Commercial grade, micro-mini, globe lights, and illuminated sculptures often require set-specific bulbs.
19. How should I store my lights after Christmas?

First of all, it is important that you do not simply bunch them up and throw them in a bag or box until next year.
Doing so weakens the contacts inside and will result in some breakage. It is strongly recommended that you neatly wrap your lights by holding the plug in one hand with your arm bent at a right angle. With the other hand, loop the strand down around your elbow and up between your thumb and index finger.
Place the neat coil someplace where it can remain flat and untangled. Additionally, the lights can be wrapped around some wide, flat object, such as a piece of cardboard or wood.

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