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The Christmas Light Guide - Page 4
Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Lights
8. What is meant by the term lead cord?

The lead cord is the length from the plug to the center of the first bulb. Typically, lead cords measure about 2 feet, but can come in lengths as small as 6 inches and as long as 12 feet.

9. How is the distance between bulbs measured?

Distance is measured from center to center of each bulb. Typically, the distance between bulbs would average out to about 5 inches.

10. I have two sets of the same color lights. Why do they look so different from one another?

Manufacturing Christmas lights is a very intricate and involved process and must be done by hand. Hence, there is always bound to be some variation from year to year, and even from strand to strand, for the same brand. Plus, it is very difficult for manufacturers to match the pigments painted onto the bulbs from year to year, so color matching is often imprecise, particularly with the amber bulbs.
11. How do I find the voltage or wattage of my lights?

It is important to begin by emphasizing that, in America, electrical outlets give off 120-volts of power. Since voltage is measured by multiplying wattage by amps, you must consider both of these things before buying your set of lights.

For example, if you?re planning on using C-9 lights , which are typically 7 watts-per-bulb and 0.6 amps, you would not be able to use more than a string of 25, as 25 bulbs would equal 175 watts. Multiply that by 0.6 and you?ve got 105 volts, making it impossible to light another full string from that outlet.

For more detailed information on powering Christmas lights, visit these sites:


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